Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Virtual Road Ahead

With the possibility of cutting up to 40 percent of your IT bill with virtualization, everyone desperately wants to be a part of the new thing. Microsoft really just wants to help, but others are suggesting that their product, Virtual PC, is the equivalent of releasing a one-legged man in a marathon. Yeah, you're in the game, you're just not there to win.

VMWare has of course picked up on this and has suggested that they are just not trying, with the usual devilish ends. But the Soft might have the last and biggest fisc burp out of this new trend; since virtualization makes it is so easy to set up a new server, they are now propagating like wildfire. Which means more licenses, and more revenue for the OS. Ha ha, sit back and do nothing MS and let the money roll in - VMWare's got you covered.

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