Sunday, March 18, 2007

Things a Little Birdie Told Me About IT

Percentage of senior IT professionals that are concerned about the negative impacts that their company is having on the environment, according to a recent study: 98

Price per ton of scrap whole computers, full truckload, in the global spot market, in US dollars: 80
Price of Lithium button batteries: 2060

Percent of Energy that goes into manufacturing a computer, relative to its lifespan: 81

Breakeven point between servicing a laptop and buying a new one, in months: 18

Ratio of the cost of running a low end server to the cost of the energy used to power it: 1:1

Amount France charges violators of the new RoHS regulations per incident, in Euros: 1500
Amount Ireland charges : 15,000,000

Percent of their budget that IT departments spends right now for powering equipment:10
Percent they will spend in 2008: 50

Number of computers that Greg Papadopoulos, Sun Microsystems CTO, believes the world will end up needing: 5
Number of computers in the world right now: 700,000,000+

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