Sunday, March 04, 2007

Roast Pig and Other Delights

A Sunday list of the weird and wonderful for you.

  • Amount of power, in watts, that a typical 19-inch rack requires: 24,000
  • Number of pigs that could be roasted with that much power: 1
  • Amount, in dollars, that the Bexley, Ohio high school district will save in licensing costs by switching from Windows to Linux : 412,000
  • Number of computers that Greg Papadopoulos, Sun Microsystems CTO, believes the world will end up needing: 5
  • Percentage of senior IT professionals that are concerned about the negative impacts that their company is having on the environment: 98
  • Amount, in millions of dollars, that Dell lost this quarter, as compared to last quarter: 327
  • Percentage increase in mobile phone shipments globally: 21
  • Price per ton of scrap whole computers, full truckload, in the global spot market, in US dollars: 80
  • Price of floppy disks: 100
  • Price of clipped external wires : 1680
  • Price of Lithium button batteries : 2060

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