Wednesday, March 14, 2007


This one is on one of the simplest technologies out there. My son is going to take a crack at tee ball this spring, so we thought we would go to the batting cages. 15 miles and 45 minutes later (because dad got lost), turns out the place is a regular Wally World - it is closed. Dad is seriously thinking about breaking into the cages ala Griswold, but instead drives home. Another 45 minutes, and it's getting dark. And no dinner yet.

Call ahead. Always.


adam said...

How the hell does it take you 45 minutes to go 15 miles? Were you doing 20 the entire way there?

Mark Ontkush said...

Hi Adam,

thanks for posting. That's Boston at 6PM - I should have added the time too (pound head against a board).

Jennifer K. Woofter said...

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Mark Ontkush said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for posting. I'm definitely interested - I run a consulting company that does similar things. Let me know if I can get you more exposure.