Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I love Harperesque lists of facts. Here's one on eWaste:

  • Amount of eWaste recycled in Billings, Montana last year, in tons: 80
  • Number of commercial US jet fleets that could be produced with the aluminum America throws away each year: 1
  • Number of states that mandate that all computer waste from governmental agencies be refurbished by prison labor: 1 (Texas)
  • Ratio that the Australian eWaste stream is growing, as compared to other waste streams: 3 to 1
  • Number of computers thrown out in America each day; 130,000
  • Breakeven point between servicing a laptop and buying a new one, in months: 18
  • Number of cell phones thrown out in one year, in America: 130,000,000
  • Cost of the planned tax on garbage that the UK plans to implement, in pounds per month: 10

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