Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Gore, the Fortune Teller

I found a story yesterday on Al Gore which suggests that he is reading my mind. It relates to his speech in Silicon Valley the other day which suggests exactly what I just said, that techies need to start figuring this green stuff out:

The work already done in information technology, computational science, biotechnology and other specialties that are present in this valley, more than any other place in the world, are going to be the most valuable resources" to combat the crisis, he said. "Just as information technology changed the world, clean tech and green tech right here based in Silicon Valley...you can chart the course and save the future of this civilization.

In fact, in the same speech he encouraged executives to use their collective technical knowledge to innovate. C'mon Al, I just said that yesterday, are you sure you didn't crib ecoIron right before your speech? Maybe it's in the water.

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