Tuesday, February 13, 2007

No Virtue, Virtualization for Vista

It's getting pretty clear that Vista is only intended to have one specific use. One very, very specific use. And this is it; buy Vista, buy a new PC, and then install Vista on your new PC.

Why else would Microsoft refuse Mac users the right to install Vista on their Mac using Parallels, without buying the most expensive version? Why do they allow installs using Bootcamp, which only allows one operating system at a time? To be fair, some folks think that Apple doesn't want OS X virtualized either, although Apple's opinion is only briefly mentioned in the article and unsubstantiated.

Why is it that they focus so much on the benefits of sleep mode of Vista, when in fact a potential 10 million PCs will be trashed because of Vista? I bet sleep mode doesn't work in a virtualized environment, that's why. Most of all, why is Microsoft now billing Vista as a 'transition OS' to their new Vienna OS which is due out in 2009?
The level of insanity is getting a little dizzying.

I'll sum it up - Vista, you have sinned. In your thoughts and in your words, in what you have done and what you have failed to do. I banish thee to a dusty shelf in a Best Buy.

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