Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Green Options an Option

I came across Green Options the other day, a green blog/forum/news space out there that will probably give the Hugger a run for their money. They seem to cover everything and they have a whole stable of bloggers ready to grind out the news, including Jeff McIntire-Strasburg of sustainablog who I have linked for some time. Seems like they're trying to do it professionally; this is good, as the stories are usually more meaty and researched, but it can take the edge off the individual opinions.

There are two intriguing parts of their site - the forums and the 'Green Report' - which are fresh in the green blogging world. I haven't found a green forum page which is heavily used yet, but I think this one might be. Also, the Green Report is a neat idea, it is laid out like a newspaper, kind of Drudge Report-esque, but better. I can see reading that every day. Take a look.

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