Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Hear a Thud, Can I Get a Splash?

Pretty good feedback on the Emergy-C palette done by Jon Doucette - it's in the top 20 percent on Colourlovers and a few folks have redone their pages after noticing it. One guy suggested that the iPhone people were already well aware. I don't doubt that some manufacturers are 'watt conscious'; my Mio, for example, seems to use low wattage palettes. And of course, I'm not going to win any awards for web design.

There's been some additional research as well. Zdnet has a nice article on how the CRT isn't quite dead yet, with about half all of televisions in North America using the CRT technology, and 71 percent of the world total! And they are still price competitive with LCDs for computer monitors. We probably have until 2009 when LCDs will take over, but by then the new plasma and OLED technology will be right there. This guy also did a very nice analysis of the underlying problem, and found that adjusting the brightness of your LCD monitor had a significant effect on power consumption. All in all, a few more ideas to move the concept along.

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