Sunday, February 11, 2007

More Options in Green Web Hosting

The number of options for green web hosting has expanded quite a bit in recent months. Right now, green hosters fall into two categories, mostly related to how they get their power. One group buys Renewable Energy Certificates that insures that the power they use is generated in an ecofriendly manner, typically wind or solar but it could be biogas or geothermal as well. A few offer discounts to non profits, telecommuting, etc.

Obviously there's going to be a big battle brewing here over what is the most environmentally friendly thing to do; we are going to see the usual heavy marketing on the small differences in model that each provider has to offer. Take this one that concentrates on AISO, a provider that make their own energy :

According to AISO’s website, many of the so-called green Web hosts out there don’t run any environmentally friendly technologies at all, but instead buy RECs as a marketing tactic in hopes of making you think they’re helping the environment. AISO says many RECs merely go toward helping polluting power companies boost their green portfolios and meet EPA or government guidelines. “One of the things that has to change is these companies have to stop looking to traditional power and data centers. They have to buy their own buildings and land and use their own green services… and buying green credits doesn’t make your company green,” Nail said.

Sounds like marketing to me - does one really need to buy their own solar panels and land to be a green hoster? Also, some of the companies such as Acorn and ecoSky, seems to support only open source servers and scripting. I'm going to look into these options and move New View onto the one I think is the best.

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