Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Few Items

Here's a few items I have been keeping on my bookmarked list for a while now.

Solid State Disks - such as the 128GB monster shown here, put out by A-Data. I think there is great promise for these drives because of their "solid stateness", if only we can get past the slow write time and relatively short lifetime.

Looking for an ecoMachine? Try this writeup from the Hugger that has a variety of models from NEC, Greenmachineshop and EcoSystemPC.


4 said...

Mark, I've got a reporter working on a story about the latest and greatest from AMD in the one-upsmanship game w/ Intel. Is that something you could comment on as an analyst? If so, shoot me an email.

Mark Ontkush said...

Hi Matt,

thanks for posting. I can send you something on this.