Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Few Products

Lots of new products are coming out in the tech space, particularly for dealing with power and compliance related problems. CNET has a nice survey of several of the coolest solar powered gadgets. For your server and desktop needs, you can look into the Bubba server (draws only 10 watts) or the Jack PC which runs off the power of the Ethernet cable (only about 5 watts). Finally, Papros has announced a new software suite that will help you manage all of your RoHS regulatory issues. These should help keep you in the green.


Unknown said...

I’ve done a complete 5-part review and test of the Bubba Miniserver. Check it out at:

Mark Ontkush said...

Hi Jonah,

Thanks for posting. Great writeup!


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...
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