Sunday, January 14, 2007

Wearing the Chinese Glasses

Still trying to get to the bottom of China's eWaste problems and policies. China Daily reports that there are new rules that will require producers to deal with eWaste. Still not sure if this is talk, teeth, or very strong gums. Maybe I need to clean my Chinese glasses to figure out what rules and contracts really mean in China (hint: it's a lot different than the West.)

At the same time, Basel Action Network reaffirmed that China is the eWaste dumping ground for the world. The article states that:

...Some of the waste is shipped to inland provinces of China from the coastal communities where processing plants are located, China Radio International said Tuesday. If the government doesn't intervene, the shipment to interior provinces will increase.

Suggesting that the government hasn't intervened. Similarly, Hu Tao, a spokesperson, said:

The Basel Convention, adopted in 1989, bans countries from transporting hazardous wastes across boundaries for disposal, especially into developing countries. Tao said a number of countries did not sign the treaty, so the dumping has been able to continue.

Suggesting that the problem is that exporters are letting this stuff slip by their own customs people. Hmmm.....

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