Wednesday, January 24, 2007

If I'm a Monkey, You Get Bananas

Looks like that crafty Federal government is going to try and make a monkey out of me. As reported by the AEA, Hilda Solis (D-CA) is now running the House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Environment and Hazardous Materials, and is going to make a big effort to get "RoHS-Like" legislation passed. Of course, I've already said that I don't think it will happen. So I'm going to make a bet with Hilda and her gang; if "RoHS-Like" legislation is passed before one year from today, I'll give bananas to all my readers. I have a few conditions - actually, they are the same as the AEA's. The regs must:

  • Have a strong basis in science - not merely copy what was done in California and the EU;

  • exceed the current California and EU RoHS restrictions;

  • Not preempt any existing state RoHS laws; and

  • Create mandatory take-back requirements or impose advanced recovery fees for waste electronics.

How's that. Better hurry though, states like Nebraska (bad link to html text here) are already working on WEEE.


Unknown said...

The Nebraska bill you link to is NOT an example of RoHS-like legislation. It is an example of e-waste legislation, particularly EPR, or Extended Producer Responsibility legislation (OK...a WEEE-like bill).

Do I get a banana yet? Is it organic?

Mark Ontkush said...

Hi designchain,

Thanks for posting, and pointing this out. The point I had in my monkey mind was that a lot of states are beating the feds to the punch on tackling the eWaste issue, it is true that Nebraska is not 'RoHS-Like'. I changed it in the article. I don't believe that any state other than CA is addressing RoHS.