Saturday, January 06, 2007

Dance This Mess Around

Energy conservation is not a popular business strategy; CEOs refuse to talk about it. That goes double for the CIO. Right now, we are dropping about $250 billion a year on energy to run computers, and $213 billion of that is absolutely wasted. Doesn't seem like Congress is full of "compassionate conservationists" either, by offering tax credits to build more coal to liquid plants, and jacking up ethanol production.

Dance, dance, dance -
you know what keeps the music going? It's the fact that business is people centered, not resource centered; CEOs would rather have the dancers on their feet (doing work) than worrying whether they have the resources to do their job (sitting idle). I can appreciate that, but let's look at the painting - aren't we barely keeping ourselves up here? Maybe it's our duty to just start using as much energy as we can until a crisis is recognized.

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