Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Iron Pulse

Energy use for the the average household, in watts per square foot: 1
For the average business: 10
For the average data center: 200

Percent of Energy that goes into manufacturing a computer, relative to its lifespan: 81

Estimate of energy that goes into powering electronic appliances in standby mode, in percent: 10

Estimate of maintenance costs for the typical IT budget, in percent: 80

Ratio of the cost of running a low end server to the cost of the energy used to power it: 1:1

Amount France charges violators of the new RoHS regulations per incident, in Euros: 1500
Amount Ireland charges : 15,000,000

Number of "energy slaves" (equivalent to the calories of one person) that each American has working for them on a daily basis: 100

Estimated market for eWaste by 2009, in dollars: 11,000,000,000

Percent of their budget that your IT department spends right now for powering equipment: 10
Percent they will spend in 2008: 50

Percent of IT managers in the UK that have never heard of WEEE : 40

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