Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Pegasos Becomes Icarus

Have to report that RoHS has claimed another victim. This time it is the Pegasos, a machine manufactured by Genesi. Turns out they can't comply with the RoHS regulations:

After Apple's move to Intel processors, the Pegasos II-based Open Desktop Workstation is the main desktop PowerPC machine. But it still runs Morphos and thus Amiga apps. Now, though, the ODW is the latest victim of RoHS - the Reduction of Hazardous Substances legislation that amongst other things compels European manufacturers to use only lead-free solder. It's hit minority platforms particularly hard and the sad result is the end of Pegasos' flight.

We will see more of this, canaries in the mine. Some may claim that the regulations will impede innovation, I say they are going to encourage it - after all, green is the color of the future.

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