Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Well, it looks like the US Department of the Interior takes the booby prize for starting the first large scale switch to Vista. With over 70,000 PC users, each of them now requiring a machine now that needs a 1 Ghz processor, 1 GB of RAM, and and 400GB hard drive, we can be sure the eWaste will be piling up outside their offices. I guess I'm not too surprised; wasting taxpayer money on foolish equipment is almost the only thing the government seems to have the political will to fund at all, so it's just par for the course to switch to a ridiculous, wasteful operating system that provides no benefit to the employees. Rant, rant, rant, sorry guys at the DOI, you stink. No names in the article of course, but when I find out the name of the CIO at the DOI, you will get a special little mention in your own article.

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Unknown said...

It is a shame, but there are ways to mitigate the upcoming computing landfill landslide that is upgrading to Vista. It means a ton (well tons actually) of perfectly great computers will be dumped - which could get a quick install of user-friendly Ubuntu Linux and go to charities and economically challenged families.

Sure, in the short term you're plugging in even more computers, but kids are learning on a community-built operating system - they are the leaders of tomorrow after all so it could result in quite a net gain if a paradigm shift is achieved.