Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Loo-sers, With Water

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs is a very funny blog, where the author pretends to be Steve Jobs. So to answer the question that I had when I first went to the site (and had to do some Internet research to find the answer) - No, Steve Jobs does not write this stuff. But it's funny.

How funny? Funny enough to read every day. Funny enough for me to laugh out loud while my cat stares at me in irritation, because it's just us two.

'Steve' is talking about Vista today, claiming it is
MS's Waterloo. He has a follow up post where he refers to it as the platform for losers. You know, he just might have a point, it is uncool to use Windows these days. I've rephrased it a little in my title, cast a new spin on it, added my two cents, that kind of thing. It might not be so bad if they could stop getting sued, or they didn't admit failure, or if Dell and Goldman Sachs were still on their side in the battle.

Did I mention that they keep getting sued? Flushy.

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