Sunday, April 29, 2007

Oh, You Need This

Ninja pirate summarizes the 'when to buy' argument. Take this Angstrom blade server cabinet for example; here's what our man-in-black has to say:

With this PC, you can simultaneously chat, check your myspace, type a Word document, listen to music, and crop an image without any problem. It's costly, but a worthy investment because you won't have to upgrade for at least half a year.

435.2Ghz (64 x 2 x 3.4Ghz) P4 CPUs, 1MB Cache, 800mhz FSB
256GB (64 x 4 x 1GB) ECC RAM
18.5TB (64 x 250GB) HDD and 64 x 40GB HDD

Pros: Very fast. Looks cool. Free Intel sticker.

Cons: Loud. Relatively pricey.

Price: $75,000.00

It gets funnier.

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