Thursday, April 05, 2007

Save Your Watts With Emergy-C

Many electronic devices, such as cathode ray tubes, plasma screens, and OLEDs consume more energy when displaying certain colors. These devices use the three primary colors of light - red, green, and blue - and turn them on at varying intensities to produce a particular color. As a result, colors such as white which use all three primary colors turned on at full intensity cost a lot of money (and energy) to display. In the electronic world, white is expensive.

A fellow by the name of Jon Doucette took this idea and created a low wattage web palette that, according to article, only uses three or four watts more than a completely black screen. Starting with the EnergyStar wattage ratings, he came up with six colors that work well together. White is included in the palette but is it supposed to be used as an accent color. The savings do not apply to devices that have a constant backlight, such as LCD monitors, but it's a neat idea that is especially practical for handheld device and large web sites. Save your watts!

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