Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Green Little Bird?

Is Linux eco-friendly? Let's see. Most of Asia has switched, as least in part, to Open Source Software (OSS); some countries, such as Indonesia, also think that Linux changes scofflaws into legit users. Cuba has reported a 500 percent increase in Linux installation in two years; of course, they can't really get Windows due to export restrictions. Big Blue is giving a specific tutorial to switch from Windows to Linux, and two out of three Dell customers are now demanding that the bird be pre-installed. None of these really answer the question though - it the bird green?

It's surprisingly hard to find a definitive answer. It seems like it should be, but fact is the only clear thing Linux has going for it is that it can extend the life of your desktops dramatically; most versions of Linux will run on a Pentium 1 with 128MB of RAM, while Slackware can run on a 486. It's also generally free, so you don't have to chew up resources generating the congealed energy ('cash') to buy it. I give it a weak yes, but I wish I could raise my voice.

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