Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Could Vista be the last operating system ever produced for profit? Dean Takahashi thinks so. I particularly like the economic arguments for his case. For example, According to Dean, Microsoft put 10,000 people on this project for 5 years; at 200K per employee (probably a little high), that's a 10 billion dollar investment. Seems like a lot - heck, they probably could had gone into the fried chicken business and made more money. Imagine that, 10 billion on fried chicken!

To use my favorite analogy, at 20 watts per brain there's 40 megawatts of human brain power on this project. Seems like a lot of brain juice, especially when only 20 percent of companies surveyed think they move to Vista in the next 12 months. 10,000 of the best brains in the world working on this thing for 5 years? I have just one question, is it going to do my laundry? At least match my socks up, I hate doing that.

I think there's some other signs that the desktop is on shaky ground. Just look at that pretty picture I found on the left. Looks so green doesn't it? But Vista is a power hog (or is it?). If so, that's called greenwashing. Also, try searching for Vista in Google. Guess what comes up, the old Wintel partnership as the first link. And when you see same old, same old in the computing industry, you know that something is just not right. It's bad enough that Microsoft is trying to stuff Windows CE on the OLPC, must we also eat Vistasaur? It's a little stringy.

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