Thursday, August 17, 2006


If you have ever used a newsgroup or forum, you must go investigate Mike Reed's Flame Warriors. He has dozens of stereotypical users with pictures and short write ups. All the characters are there - Klaxon (shown right), Evil Clown, Big Cat. You will laugh until you cry.

But Klaxon is the star today, because sometimes when you are trying to push something new you sound like a Klaxon. I'm thinking of this article that follows up on a previous RoHS post Its a good article, full and facts and warnings about how companies aren't prepared for RoHS - and let's be clear, most aren't prepared for RoHS. I enjoy Klaxons because they are, more often than not, on the cutting edge of something. Instead of summarily dismissing the Klaxons, try counting them. If you don't have any, you're not being innovative. You don't need to listen, just be aware that they are around. And if you don't have any, find some.

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