Friday, August 18, 2006

Jinglehorse Pulling Sled O'Plenty

Jinglehorse is a big iron builder that specializes in accommodating those wacky needs that serious users need. They have stuff for Overclocking, Liquid Cooling, Custom Case Art, and yes, a green computer called the Ecosystem. It's an interesting pitch - obviously the Horse is not betting the company on green computing equipment, it's just another product they offer. This is particularly apparent when they offer items such as the QuadCube display at 6400 x 4800 pixels resolution on the same page.
Oh well, that's fine. Whatever gets us to point B.

The Ecosystem is RoHS compliant and uses about 75 watts under full load. That's probably well below average for most PC's, but doesn't include the monitor. Just don't couple it with the QuadCube and you'll be fine. They look neat too - prices start at $764.

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