Friday, August 25, 2006

A Growing Obsession is Right

Here's a nice one from Wall Street Technology that suggests the shift from power (raw) to power (savings) is real. Says Kenneth Romans:

Our industry is at the leading edge of a major shift from an obsession with raw compute power to the cusp of becoming obsessed with computer efficiency," says Kenneth Romans, SVP of operations at Fidelity Investments Systems Co., the technology organization for Fidelity Investments. "Providing higher levels of customer service means more demand for compute power and storage, but at the same time we need to support those services at low cost so customers can see high returns from low fees on their investment products.

Yes, yes. I promise you, this is going to change the industry more than that DOS window did. Because we can start at power, then go to printing, then maybe a few staff cuts because we have so fewer boxes and printers to manage. . . some will reinvest the savings back into tactical and strategic innovations, some won't.

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