Thursday, May 17, 2007

Virtualization Expensive, Brains Cheap

So now Gartner's saying that virtualization is too expensive to implement right now, that we will all have to "stick it out a few years" until the technology improves. One of the problems is there is not enough implementors, like Foedus. So, seems like you may end up shelling out just as much cash to virtualize right now than not doing anything at all.

Here's a better idea, one I got from my interview with Richard Stallman - how about using brains instead of technology? Richard pointed out that all systems are time sharing systems; maybe people have just got in the habit of running one application per server, instead of being able to run many applications on a server. Like 10 years ago, when you ran email, ftp, gopher, and served up office from a single server . Brains let you do that, skilled workers. And when it comes to environmentally friendly, brains have got to be the best thing going.

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