Sunday, May 20, 2007

Free Software from Microsoft to Track Carbon Emissions

If you have been reading ecoIron for a while, you would know that I have knocked MS for some time now. Like here. Or here. Or here. Wow, there's about 5 more articles too.

But today is different because there is some neat news to report; the William J Clinton Foundation and Microsoft have announced a partnership to develop new technology tools to help large cities create, track and share strategies to reduce carbon emissions. In particular, the software tools aim to create a standardised way for cities all around the world to measure their greenhouse gas emissions.

It sounds like the former president thought of the idea, as it is "part of a broader set of programs being introduced by the foundation". Still, my sense is that MS has a few guys around who can build this thing right (it's going to be web-based and collaborative) and fast (expect a first release before the end of 2007). I eagerly await the results.

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