Monday, May 14, 2007

Telecommuting, A Must Have

I've mentioned before that you should probably stop showing up for work because it's just too darn expensive (time and money) to get there. There are some other motivators; a bill that encourages telecommuting, and the fact that the commute is downright debilitating. But the biggest incentive has just hit the fan - really expensive gas.

A survey conducted at FSU has just confirmed that sixty percent of employees say the price of gas has significantly reduced the amount of money they have to spend on other things, while 45 percent reported the need to pay off debts more slowly or not at all. Finally, 26 percent indicated that the cost of gas has necessitated going without basics such as heat or air conditioning, or even cutting back on food purchases, over the past few months.

Plus, there's the added niggling issue that these stresses spill over into the workplace, causing folks to not be as motivated, and never put in overtime. Bullhorn, bullhorn - you need a telecommuting program in your organization. And not one where the manager says 'ok, just this once' on a case by case basis, but one that coordinates with public transportation, allows career advancement (even to CEO), and takes advantage of co-working facilities.

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Mark Fontecchio said...

Now that the weather is nicer, I've been riding my bike to work. Then you can save money by not spending it on gasoline or a gym membership. Nice!