Monday, January 08, 2007

Two Solarutions and a Powerstick

Here's three new products; two get the sun in your corner, and one is just cool. The first is a notebook case with solar cells built right into it from Innovus Designs. If you don't like the model, they have backpacks and other items as well.

The second is from Carmanah and NEC, they have a nice solar powered monitor for you.

Finally, we have a nice USB Powerstick from EcoSol. Charge this one up from your PC, then just plug it into any portable device to transfer the charge. Pretty slick - and solar.

[Simon - you're right. ed.]


Simon said...

How does the USB power stick qualify as solar? You charge it from your laptop, not by leaving it in the sun.

Mark Ontkush said...

Maybe you are using the solar case too? I'll fix it.