Monday, January 22, 2007

God Save the Queen, or at Least Her IT Department

The best green IT commentary comes out of England. Take James Murray for example, who is not afraid to mix it up with the PM when he states that the UK's implementation of the WEEE directive is:

...another little horror story emerg[ing] from the IT sector, further illustrating that if the prime minister has a legacy it will be of an administration defined by good intentions and woeful execution.

Or Phil Muncaster, commenting on free IT (podcast here) where he mentions that:

As more time and money is invested in maintaining the high performance and availability of these systems, the stakes will surely be raised and staff need to realise these are no longer free, infinite resources. This is no mean feat, of course, as ingrained cultural habits are always the hardest things to change. Perhaps penalties for misuse or overuse of systems would help things along a bit?

I love it. Seriously, you have to go across the pond to find the word 'penalty' and 'computer' in the same article. Finally, throw in the Stern Review. It's fitting that it is written by a Brit; somber, earnest, imploring. Besides making the claim that it's already too late to stop some global warming, it goes on report that the time for half measures are past, particularly when it comes to energy consumption. And with energy requirements of the typical UK data center doubling in five years, it seems timely. Up the Brits!

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