Saturday, January 27, 2007

IT Crisis, Kismet Cuts Both Ways

Dave Girouard has an interesting one here on the crisis in IT. With quotes referring to the current 'insane complexity' of IT and the 'amazing innovation' of Google, it reads like a firm sell. On the other hand, it validates what I have been saying for years. And who can resist validation!

Because of course he's right - when you are spending 80 percent of a budget just fixing what you have, there's a big problem. When your CIO can't innovate, due to no money and no leadership, you're going to have problems. And when your competition is spending $10 a year on Google Apps when you are spending millions, egad.

A few minor trifles though. One is that you just don't turn over your information security to someone else as mentioned, even if it is Google. Give me a bonded, insured SLA, then we'll talk. The second is that 'Googlevision' doesn't provide any options for the IT staff that is now redundant - I say put 'em into green technology projects. Finally, kismet cuts both ways. When you're reducing that 'insane complexity', take a look at your Google AdWords budget too. You might find that's not doing anything for you either.

Believe me, I'm not in the Google marketing department, but I should be for all the great advice I'm giving them. Maybe they should just hire me and get it over with.

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