Thursday, January 18, 2007

Emails Bouncing to Greener Pastures

The New York Times has an interesting article that illustrates how certain technologies are becoming as efficient as they can be, and how natural it is.

Take email, for example. Apparently IT staffs are having fits because savvy workers are forwarding their internal email to Google. Why? They are tired of the multiple passwords and the lack of accessibility that corporate email offers. And this is more than just a few bubbleheads; according to the article, in some firms 30 percent of their workers are forwarding their mail to an web mail service such as Gmail.

I have every expectation that this email bouncing will continue; furthermore, it is inevitable. As I have said before, global, centralized email is the best way to deliver that service - it's a fast, efficient, one password, accessible solution. And with spam approaching 95 percent of all email, it solves that problem as well. Of course, the security issues still remain but those should be solved at the policy (not IT) level, where the understanding is made that if you send sensitive data irresponsibly, you will need to submit your resignation. Problem solved, and we will all be greener because of it.

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