Saturday, November 11, 2006

There Can Be Only Five

Computers, that is. In the entire world. At least, that's what Greg Matter from Sun thinks. And I don't think he too far wrong.

Here's a quote to flesh this out (from Greg):

I'm just saying that there will be, more or less, five hyperscale, pan-global broadband computing services giants. There will be lots of regional players, of course; mostly, they will exist to meet national needs. That is, the network computing services business will look a lot like the energy business: a half-dozen global giants, a few dozen national and/or regional concerns, followed by wildcatters and specialists.

I seriously agree with him. As I have said several times before, we only need one email provider in the world. Just one, that's it. Google is my choice. No more spam, no more huge bandwidth requirements. Just logon to Google and type.

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