Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Maybe. Sometime.

A big part of green computing is winning hearts and minds. Take that thing on the right, for example - see that? That's your new computer. That's because the desktop is going away. Maybe. Sometime. Many people have a hard time even thinking that thought.

Another issue is related to the sharing of computer resources. This is something that is really taking off, particularly in virtualization. The problem here that a lot of business models can't account for this. According to Richard Curran of Intel:

"Virtualisation raises questions of politics, such as who owns the servers, who pays for them and who manages them... "They have to start thinking of the data centre as a shared capability, a service, not a room housing 'my box'."

Truer words were never spoken; however, it seems like sharing is left to children. But it seems like the virtualization is really where the server room is headed. Maybe. Sometime.

Finally, we have the changing of the operating system from Microsoft to Linux. Some folks think it is inevitable. Some have already done it. And eventually everyone will do it. Maybe. Sometime.

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