Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ndiyo? Ndiyo!

Ndiyo is the Swahilil word for ''yes". It is also the name of a new ultra thin, ultra efficient computing system that is targeted towards developing countries. Similarly to the OLPC project, Ndiyo is using a thin client solution with Linux, Open Office, and Ubuntu.

It's a great idea, mainly because they are trying to address the biggest issue with getting computing going on a shoestring budget - skilled labor. Similiar to the Skolelinux project, the goal is to have a non-technical teacher get 20 workstations up and running in 40 minutes. Now, not to throw stones, but I challenge your IT department to do that. In addition, each Ndiyo terminal uses only 3 Watts, or about 5 if (gasp) you add in a mouse and keyboard. That's a little stark compared to a 400 Watt desktop with dual monitors.

As I've said before, the reluctance to introduce thin clients is not about saving money, it's about cutting maintenence budgets. The Ndiyo project comes very close to giving thin clients away, and IT still won't introduce them; they are terrified will be nothing to do when the desktops go away. How about using your new found free time to save the world?

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