Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Web of Green

Sustainability is one of those things where you just aren't going to find one single thing to do that will solve all of our problems.
I think that everyone knows this, but it's funny when you try it out. Say, for example, you are a 20 million dollar company. I come in and say "I can save you $20,000 a year by doing this on your network." The response often is, "Oh, that's nothing." Well, yeah, compared to $20 million, it's realtively nothing, but when combined with similar programs over time, it's not just nothing, it's making your business competitive.

I going to include real things you can do to start making the changes in your organization. This article mentions some of them:

  • Require your IT department purchase Energy-Star Equipment.
  • Require your IT department to pay for the cost of the electricity they use out of their budget.
  • Require your IT department to pay for disposal costs out of their budget.

There's three. You don't have to be the CEO to implement it, just put the bug in the right people's ear.

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