Monday, July 10, 2006

UK Corporate IT Goes Greener

What a great article to mention that sustainability is composed of three factors - economic, social, and environmental. NOT just environmental. Looks like the Brits are looking into better ways to run their IT operations:

The combined pressures of environmental legislation, rising energy costs and uncertainty over power sources are forcing UK firms and IT vendors to find ways to use less power, decrease harmful emissions and build “green” equipment.

Experts at June's meeting of the UK Datacentre Networking Group warned that the combination of a European directive on the energy performance of buildings, the UK government’s energy review and renewable planning policy, and London’s energy strategy will transform companies’ power usage in the future.

I often wonder what the biggest drivers will be to affect this change, I think power will be a big one Check out The Oil Drum for ongoing commentary on how we really are running out of oil and how high prices are going to go.

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