Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Let's Play Find the Stooge

Gotta hand it to the Microsoft marketing department, they are good. After Vista getting blasted in the press for being horrible for the environment, Microsoft has reacted quickly on two fronts. First off you can now get Microsoft Virtual PC for free, allowing you to, say, run XP inside of Vista. Obviously this is a ploy to show that MS is really into virtualization, which generally is more efficient, green, what have you. But it's all balled up because it's only applicable to Windows. WTF.

Secondly, they now have their intermediary PC World (read, stooge) announcing that they are developing a green Vista PC. This is patently absurd; I'm taking my Tums right now. From the article:

A spokesman for the Green Party suggested on Tuesday that the choice of Vista for a a so-called green machine could be a mistake, and called on retailers to offer more PCs without Windows pre-installed.

"It would be a good thing if PC World was to offer operating systems other than Vista. XP or no operating system preinstalled at all would be ideal," the Green Party spokesman told ZDNet UK.

Righto. Vista is dead before it got out of the gate. I repeat, I bet that no company will announce that they are upgrading to Vista across the board; they will get blasted from all sides with green goo cannons. Should have went into the fried chicken business, MS, with that 10 billion you spent - there's real money in chicken!

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