Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Career Is Over, CIO...

but a new one is beginning for you. I like to call it the CGO - Chief Green Officer. Here are some tips to make the transition.

Corporate responsibility is now your responsibility - As Chuck Hollis mentions, you now have an obligation to run your IT shop efficiently. To start, extend the life of your servers from 3 to 5, or even 7 years. I been saying this for months now, but Chuck's article is the first time I have seen it in print.

Eliminate the "'chain of lies" - I'm sure you have you heard this one before (from Chuck):

  • Business guy says 100GB to application guy who doubles it to 200GB.
  • Application guy says 200GB to database guy who doubles it to 400GB.
  • Database guy says 400GB to server guy who doubles it to 800GB.
  • Server guy says 800GB to storage guy who doubles it to 1.6 TB.

And the business guy ends up only needing 10GB, rather than 100GB. And terabytes go unused.

Oh yah, master chief. Let's keep the 16,000 percent increases in storage requirements down to a bare minimum.

Recycling is now a must - With WEEE in Europe and the dozens of regs now active or pending in the US, there's a lot for IT managers to think about when they dispose of used equipment. Make sure they know what they are doing.

Lose the Shelfware - Still installing Access on every single machine? Getting pushed into reupping your million dollar Oracle maintenance agreement? Rolling out package after package with no training? Time for it to go.

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