Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's a RoHS Sandwich, Take a Bite?

About RoHS periodally publishes a list of products throughout the world that have turned RoHS compliant. Pictured at right, a sandwich maker. Who is going to take a bite?

Well, some folks think RoHS is pretty unappetizing. It's not just because they are ill prepared for it, even though they had years to get ready. But, according to the article, about 83 percent of companies who responded to the survey are not RoHS ready. The reason for this, of course, is tactical thinking. Most companies think RoHS, and regs of its ilk, are nuisances that can be sub, or a, verted. So we have this kind of clowning, where loopholes are already being found in the RoHS legistlation. Oh, those clever lawyers.

What they really should be doing is getting ready for the bloodbath, as firm after firm gets hammered under RoHS. Here's a partial list of the casualities. At least, we could let the business case prevail for people to take action. What kind of sandwich is RoHS? It's what you make it.

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