Monday, September 18, 2006


A few days ago I mentioned the VIA chip which is not only low power but also offsets the carbon emissions of the chip over its lifetime. Recently it seems a whole bunch of vendors have come out with statements on what they are doing; ECS, for example, a big player in motherboards and laptops, announced a green computing campaign, mostly geared towards supply chain management. Sun of course continues to crank out the leadership for the field and just passed Dell to become the third largest suppliers of servers in the world (although Dell has its own green program as well). Finally, Accell just announced a whole raft of new cables that are RoHS compliant and environmentally friendly.

So, the band is playing. However, some of these campaigns are blowing only a few notes, mainly the committment to start doing something. I think we are rapidly moving off the dime here though; through a series of oneupmanship these policies will get more and more refined to take into account more green computing principles. Seems the bar right now is set at taking into account carbon emissions as well.

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