Thursday, May 10, 2007

Boxmaker Dell Stops Making Boxes

A few weeks ago I posted an ecoGeek interview detailing Dell's environmental program. At that time, it seemed like Dell was in a holding pattern and there was little more to write until something new happened. Well, now there's a little more to write.

According to the Register, Dell recently revealed "project Multipack", a strategy to pack large numbers of systems in fewer boxes. Customers can now receive up to four 1U systems or 10 blades in a single box. As bonus, each box has a built-in corrugated pallet, which removes the need for a wooden one. And you only get one set of product manuals and CDs per box. All told, Dell thinks this plan will result in 2,000 tons of cardboard savings per year, plus a lot of other material savings.

The sardonic wit of the Register is well known; as they grind our forlorn, billion-dollar Dell to pieces, even they eventually acknowledge that "project Multipack" is a good idea. Albeit with a questionable name. But I'm going farther; streamlining product delivery systems is not an easy task, and Dell surely invested a lot a people-hours and dollars to make this happen. Can we please reward the people who are doing the work. :: The Register

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