Monday, March 05, 2007

In The Gilded Cage

Frustration levels are rising among the CIOs of the world. Constantly being told that IT sucks, accused of putting their own companies out of business, they are doing their best to innovate and cut costs with very little to work with. Maybe that's why the Canadian CIOs blew a collective gasket this week having to contend with unending regulations being applied to the industry. And now with threats looming in the EU that harming the environment may become a crime, I'm sure there aren't going to be many takers left for the job.

C'mon, let's let the guys do their job - let 'em lead, let 'em manage, but make up your minds what you want them to do, and then give them the resources to do it. Give that compliance stuff to HR and finance, and let them lead your green technology projects as IT becomes commoditized. You won't be sorry.

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