Monday, March 12, 2007

Family is a Serious Matter

In Shakespeare in Love, the Queen predicts that Lord Wessex will lose his wife at the playhouse. Of course, I wouldn't be repeating this unless it was on TV about 15 times a day, on verizon FIOS, and it was the best thing to watch.

Ironically though, that's what this story is about. China and India are getting really serious on the Internet addiction thing. China is considering banning young people under 18 from Internet cafes, while the Indian Institute of Technology is turning off the Internet from 11PM to 12:30PM at night to get kids to talk to each other. The operative phrase there is at night. Krimis, even I wasn't that bad.

I have to do some more research, but maybe this Internet thing really is destroying the family, and only those countries with a real extended family culture can see it. So take the test and see if you are addicted. Better yet, have your kids take it. I would have my four year old do it, but he's busy playing one of the four PC 'train games' I have for him.

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