Saturday, August 26, 2006

Yogurt Bombs Away!

Everyone who has the slightest interest in anything environmental, lock and load your yogurt bombs! Throw them at anything that moves, that is, if your not off having intercourse under the trees at the local 420 friendly gathering that you are attending. While your at it, go hug a tree, burn your bra, and bring up Abbie Hoffman, Woodstock, and the Anarchist's Cookbook in every conversation that you have. Carry signs, fight the good fight, and grow your hair long. Tune in, drop in, drop out, om.

I like Clean Break, I really do. I read it almost every day, but today's story has me reaching for my yogurt bombs. Because, the big news is that there is money to be made with with this new round of VC funding for cleantech projects. Not just dogoodisms, but money. Did I say that you can make money doing things now that are environmentally friendly? Of course, you may do a few things to help the planet but that's not the real goal. It's money of course.

Who is the audience for these types of arguments? Because I always get the sense that we are fighting the 'Domestic Vietnam' whenever I hear them, you know the one where the only things people remember about environmentalism is what happened 40 years ago. Forgetting about the Old Green Guard, who is the new audience for this debate - entrenched power brokers who care so much about money that they are willing to let their kids be poisoned by lead, their wives die of cancer, their day spent in darkness because the lights don't come on?

Gimme a break. It's 2006. Let the sixties die. And while you are at it, let the 'money decade', the eighties, die too. Because we need all hands on deck. Now.

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