Monday, August 28, 2006

Greenpeace Lobs a Few

Greenpeace has published their own guide to green electronics, rating most of the largest manufacturers on a variety of critieria. Turns out Lenovo goes into the deep red; Dell and Nokia, who scored the highest (see right), get a nasty shade of orange.

I don't know what to make of these types of ratings, with self published scorecards using erratic criteria that produce obtuse results. The article contains a big arrow with the feeble ratings next to it, and pithy commentary on what these filthy companies need to do to get their act together.

I'm wiping the yogurt out of my eyes now; I would rather have people talk about money as the driving factor behind green computing than have the debate pulled back into this sensationalist pseudoscience, for that is what I think this is. Fun is fun, and the slideshow on the processing of this waste has merit, but overall this type of bombastic rhetoric does nothing except alienate decision makers and, worse, suggests that Greenpeace is simply irrelevant. Stick with EPEAT.

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