Friday, June 15, 2007

Add Thomas & Friends to the List of Toxic Chinese Products

RC2 Corp., which sells Thomas the Tank Engine toys, is recalling over 1.5 million Thomas & Friends wooden railway vehicles and accessories because their surface paint contains lead. This is a massive recall; it's about 4 percent of all the trains RC2 has sold in the United States. I can personally confirm this, my son had fourteen of the items on the list. Get the return form here.

The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) report states that the toys were
manufactured in China. Now, I don't want to nip and prod but my kid, your kid, played with those trains. And, barring readers who just woke from a coma (congrats, by the way), it's not news that lead paint has been banned in the US for almost 30 years. Did that message not percolate across the Pacific? Guess not, because China was held accountable for 65 percent of all the recalled products in this US this year, with lead being named as a recurring cause among the recalls.

Some say that when a country has 800 million people employed in a manufacturing economy, it will just take some time to correct these issues. Cough, cough; in the case of lead, you have had 30 years. Truth is, these are simply bad faith manufacturing practices and the list is endless - the one million recalled Easy-Bake Ovens, the deadly vinyl lunch boxes, the melamine pet food, the Chinese cold medicine that killed 51 Panamanians, the toothpaste that contains anti-freeze, the soy sauce made out of hair. Here's one word for you - 近义词. :: ABC

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Unknown said...

Hi Mark! I was disgusted by Thomas the Tank Engine lead paint scandal and I think all us Thomas parents ought to lodge a class action suit against RCS. I just can't imagine them not testing their products BEFORE they hit the child market. I have a three year old. He's been asking for his red trains since last Friday. We're going to take him to the doctor to get him checked out tomorrow.