Sunday, December 03, 2006

What the Other Country is Doing

This is my third article in a series on what others are doing in green computing. This week we are concentrating on specific countries and their efforts.

In Mali, for example, SMS messaging is taking off because a lot of citizens work abroad and use cell phones to send money home. Canada is dumping 67,000 tonnes of eWaste per year, but is working towards upgrading the Basel Convention to help deal with the issue (along with 160 other countries). Bolivia, Jamaica and Kenya are rapidly implementing used cell phones (Plus Brazil! as well) and the French parliament is dumping Windows for Linux. They will save millions.

Worldwide, be prepared for part shortages as RoHS and WEEE come into force. WiFi is coming to Uganda, and an Oregonian firm now specializes in leaping into dumpsters to retrieve eWaste. Companies in the UK are embracing refurbished equipment; finally, Via is building eco friendly infocenters in the Solomon Islands.

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Mark Ontkush said...

Hi Keith,

I added a link into your writeup on the the topic as well!