Friday, October 27, 2006

What the Other Guy is Doing

A recent survey I read on environmentalism suggested that one of the biggest factors in getting companies to switch to green technologies is whether or not their competitors have switched. This is a post to let you know what the other guy is doing.

In mobile phones Recellular is recycling 75,000 cell phones a week and making a pretty penny. Envirophone is doing similar work. Nokia is leading the charge to improve environmental awareness around phones and promote recycling.

On the big business side, Steve Forbes has now come out backing green business, citing the simple fact that when people start making more money, they are less likely to tolerate living in filth. He cites China and India as two booming markets. Wall Street is going green, using huge chillers to create ice at night and dump into the cooling systems by day. It's going to pay for itself to 2.5 years.

Sun was recognized as one of the best places for commuters. They are also investing heavily in Open Source and Grid Computing. Citrix has announced their dynamic desktop initiative, which is going to dramatically cut into the cost of upgrading to Vista, estimated to be between $3250 and $5000 per user. And Logicalis has cut the cost of their green training programs.

Rackspace is now offering carbon neutral web hosting, and IBM is tackling the power and cooling problem. Voltaire has come out with a softare product to dynamically manage grid computing environments, and the Penguin Approved logo has been rolled out in England to designate carbon neutral products. Finally, the picture above, Via and Everex have launched the most energy efficient notebook ever.

Where are you?

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